Newborn Pics


I just got the cd of Simon’s newborn pictures and wanted to put up a few.  We will see how long this takes!  Glad I had them taken when I did because now the little Jabba the Hut is a chunkadunk!



Smushy face


Cubbies Fan


Cubbies Fan 2


He has no idea what his future holds!!!


Our new family


Already his belly is hanging out!


Thanks for the great hat Nana


And thanks for the beautiful blessing outfit too


Sleepy baby


Three generations






Welcome Simon Thomas Gibson


Simon Thomas Gibson was FINALLY born on April 27, 2012.  He weighed a whopping 8 lbs 13 ounces and was 21 inches long.  I have no idea who he looks like, but he is a sweety and I think we will keep him!



Liam wanted to show Simon all of his baby toys







Didn't have the time to figure out how to rotate it. The computer isn't my friend today






End of the Year Bedlam

We Gibson’s like to end the year with a bang.  The week after Thanksgiving we headed to Orlando with my entire family.  We had so much fun spending the week with everyone and getting to see Liam marvel at all the sights.  We planned our trip when the parks were offering their free dining packages and I can’t rave about it enough.  Considering that most of the exciting rides were off limits to me, what else could I get excited about besides all the free food?  Disney knows how to spoil you!  Filet mignon, African buffets, smoked turkey that melts in your mouth, etc. The only problem is that Disney seems to think that the average American eats a TON!  We loaded up on sandwiches and snacks to take on the plane our last day or else they would go unused.
Liam loved the spinning teacups and the car track.  He made Papa take him the second he got off from riding it with his dad.  He also loved It’s a Small World, and I have to admit that seeing it with your child when he is mesmerized and pointing frantically at everything makes it pleasant and fun as opposed to annoying.  I never got that before!  He also loved an of the rides like the Dumbo ride that fly you up and down.  We rode the one at Animal Kingdom four times in a row and finally had to stop when they shut it down for a bit due to “technical difficulties.”
It was wonderful to see my family and to spend a great vacation with them.  It wouldn’t be a true Disney experience for me unless the entire Zinger clan was there.  We also got to spend a day with Tom’s brother and wife, Richard and Jessica. It was great seeing and we were really touched that they would drive the hour to spend the day with us.
When we returned, Christmas was in full swing.  Liam somehow picked up that Santa Claus was coming way before I mentioned it, so for the entire month we heard, “Santa Claus coming?”  “Santa Claus bing pesents?”  “Santa Claus bing candy Liam?”  It was great!  He loved watching all the fun Christmas movies that he was too young for last year.  I was amazed when he sat through all but 15 minutes of The Polar Express in total silence.
Santa did come and Liam scored some great new toys, and yes, plenty of candy.  Katie came up the night before and we had a relaxed Christmas Eve with friends and family.  Santa brought Liam some great Geotrax sets and they have yet to come out of the front room.  He loves them and wants to share them with all of his friends when they come over.  Later, we went to Grandma and Grandpa’s to spend the evening with family, and Liam got a play tool set.  He proceeded to open all of this other presents, and anything else in the house that needed opening, with his electric drill.  I got him on video and it cracks me up every time I watch it.  He also displayed his musical talents and played some carols on the piano.  I am impressed.
Oh, and baby #2 is another boy!  Not surprising considering my families history with boys.  I am trying to get Tom on board with the name Simon (at least he should turn out smart with that name) but he is holding out on me.  We shall see.


Liam got to meet his hero, Mater. Can't you just see the awe in his face? Unfortunately, he is always asking me where the other half of Mater is! Kidding Mom!


We look too happy to be eaten by a shark

Holding two Mickeys while wearing the mouse ears. Can you guess who his new favorite mouse is?

More mouse ears while walking with Papa

Maybe Harrison needs a few more years to appreciate the Jungle Cruise. The snakes seem to scare him!

The two Marios cruising down the road

Handsome boy on the safari

Getting his ice cream on with Ben

Man this is good! Thanks Dad!

Slumber party with Christopher

Breakfast with Mickey. That mouse can cook by the state of Liam's face!

Cooking and conducting trains, all in a day's work.

"This looks promising."

Goodbye front room, hello Grand Central Station. And that's not even all the track!

Watch out Christopher Robin. Check out these red shoes Nana.



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